Medical Transportation

Compassionate Transportation When You Need It Most

Life gets in the way of convenience sometimes, but that doesn’t have to set your health back. Health crisis calls for an ambulance, but what about when you need a check-up? Or new eyeglasses? When you need to get to the doctor and you don’t drive, or your ride is out of town, or the bus doesn’t come by your house, don’t cancel the appointment. Instead, call a local non-emergency transportation service. helpful driversThey are trained to offer multiple benefits to their patrons on a daily basis when it comes to medical transportation needs.
Often times, needing a ride to the doctor or to a medical test can be daunting if having your own vehicle or license is not an option. The elderly find this problem more than most, and adding to the battle is the need to carting around wheelchairs, medical devices, and other equipment that makes it hard to take a bus or walk. These services deal with everything non-emergency such as rides to Chemotherapy appointments, MRI and other testing, or long-distance transportation to nursing homes or facilities out of town.
If an emergency happens, most people know just who to call and what happens. We are ingrained to dial 911 and wait for an ambulance. However, when there is no life-threatening urgency, just an important appointment, do you know who to call?
Finding a trustworthy medical transport service who knows you, cares about you, and understands the need to be on-time to appointments and tests can be critical to survival for some folks. It’s time to check out the services available in your area and see what you qualify for. Having a back up ride can never be a bad thing.
It’s more than just having a ride to the doctor’s office.


Even if the destination is over 200 miles, no worries! There is ACC Medlink at your service. ACC Medlink is a leader in Long Distance Medical Transportation Services. Compassionate transportation specialists are paid to assist you with getting in and out of vehicles, assist with wheelchairs or devices, assist with getting into the medical office, as well as drive to and from the appointments. These services make it easy to keep up with health appointments of all kind. Map-Slide35They can even stop on the way back home to get much needed prescriptions and medical supplies. Not everyone has the luxury of driving themselves, nor being rich enough to have a personal driver. Those who need a little bit of help are aided by these responsible transportation services.