Insurance Can Help


Some insurance companies even pay patients a reimbursement amount to pay for the transportation to and from medical appointments. Check with your insurance company, because if they can’t just pay the service outright, even getting a reimbursement check per mile will aid in getting trusted rides where you need to go.
A trusted medical transport service is designed to make your life a little bit less stressful so that you can focus on good health and wellness instead of transportation. A quick search on the internet or in a phonebook can provide the names of local services that may be able to assist in medical transport.

talk to your DrAlways listen up for referrals at doctor’s offices and hospitals as they know the medical transportation services much more than any advertisement. Getting an office recommendation can set your mind at ease. Just mentioning that you’re not sure how you’ll get to your next check-up can be a good way to open the conversation with the nurses and staff as well. Letting others know you need help and accepting that help can be a giant step towards healing and moving on. Don’t let traffic and transportation hold you back from living a healthy life. Trust a medical transport service with your chauffeur needs and get back on track to good health today!